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About Dog Days Training Center

Dog Days is a private training center located in Berthoud, Colorado.  It is our mission to empower our clients to learn about their dog’s needs, strengthen their training skills, promote socialization, address behavioral shortcomings, and improve all areas of quality of life for a rewarding relationship between people and their dogs.  Laurie Buffington, the owner and chief trainer, teaches people how they can “read” their dogs so they can reinforce desirable behaviors.  Laurie believes that training people how to train their dog enables them to create a well-mannered dog that is a pleasure to have around.


New Class Schedule for 2018 is below and also available on our calendar page.  Classes begin March 3rd, and will run 4 consecutive weeks.  All clients must sign up and be confirmed in advance via email or phone and pre pay for all 4 sessions.   There will be no drop-ins allowed.

We are not currently offering a puppy class due to a lack of signups at this time, but we will continue to schedule puppy classes on an as needed basis.  Please call or email with any and all questions.


  •  10:00am BASIC CLASS
  • Dog Days is very proud to announce that the research project; The effect of a ThunderShirt on heart rate and behavior in canines diagnosed with anxiety disorder, has been published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior.  This project was led by Dr. Camille King, Laurie Buffington, Dr. Thomas J. Smith and Dr. Temple Grandin.  The project studied more than 90 dogs over the course of 6 months at the Dog Days Training Center.  For more information or to read the full published journal article please contact Camille King at 303-651-0546.